9 Favourite Flowers for Mother’s Day and their Special Meaning

9 Favourite Flowers for Mother’s Day and their Special Meaning

Sending and receiving a lovely bouquet of flowers is always a joyful experience. It is an excellent way to express your appreciation to your mum, mother-in-law, or your wife for everything she has done for you. However, did you know you could say more than thank you with just your choice of flowers?

Discover the language of flowers and learn why certain flowers are popular choice for Mother’s Day due to their symbolic meaning and beauty.


Carnations are the flower that Anna Jarvis, the founder of Mother’s Day, chose as the symbol of the holiday because it was her mother’s favourite flower. Since then, the white carnation is often associated with the occasion and has become the official flower of Mother’s Day.

Carnations are available in a variety of colours. Over time, different coloured carnations began to take their own meanings. The most popular carnation colours for Mother’s Day celebrations are pink and red:

  • White carnations symbolise purity, faithfulness, unconditional love, and beauty.
  • Red carnations symbolise affection, love, and admiration.
  • Pink carnations symbolise love and gratitude.

These are the traits that represents the virtues of motherhood. As a bonus, carnations are one of the longer lasting cut flowers.


Orchids generally signify love, grace, refinement, and beauty. It is known to be an auspicious plant in the Chinese culture – a lucky plant to have at home. The delicate and intricate blooms of orchids are often seen as a symbol of a mother's nurturing and care for her family. This exotic flower is available in a wide variety of patterns and colours. Find one that match the style of your mother or wife.

Orchids last for a long time in Singapore weather, and they make the perfect flower for Mother’s Day to show your regard for her never-ending love. Orchid flowers are free of any allergy risk or poisonous substance that makes it safe for many people, including children and pets. Every mother will love a bouquet of these exotic flowers for Mother’s Day. The most popular orchid colours for Mother’s Day celebrations are pink, purple, red and white:

  • Pink orchids symbolise grace, femininity, and joy.
  • Purple orchids symbolise royalty, respect, and admiration.
  • Red orchids symbolise passion, love, and strength.
  • White orchids symbolise beauty, elegance, and humility.


Tulips are the quintessential spring flower. Perfect for a light-hearted and easy-going Mum. With a fresh, cheerful looking appearance, no flower says spring quite like tulips. Its delightful fresh light scents last longer than most flowers, making it pleasant to have at home. They have come to represent comfort, cosiness and above all, happiness. The most popular tulip colours for Mother’s Day celebrations are purple, pink, red, orange, and yellow.

  • Purple tulips symbolise royalty, luxury, and elegance.
  • Pink tulips symbolise affection, grace, and tenderness.
  • Red tulips symbolise passion, and romance.
  • Orange and yellow symbolise positivity, happiness, and hope. Adding a touch of cheer and warmth to the occasion.


Lilies have rich history, appearing in many cultures and traditions. It represents motherhood in ancient Greek mythology. The delicate, fragrant blooms of lilies are often associated with the care and love that mothers provide to their children. Lilies’ large bloom size and beautiful shape is well-loved by many mothers.

However, it is not recommended to offer lilies if your recipient if they have pet cats and dogs. Lilies are highly toxic to cats and dogs and can cause serious health problems if ingested. The most popular lily colours for Mother’s Day celebrations are white, pink, and yellow.

  • White lilies symbolise purity and grandeur.
  • Pink lilies symbolise femininity, affection, and admiration.
  • Yellow lilies symbolise thankfulness and virtue.


Peonies are true stunners filled with a natural and wild beauty that feels effortless. This charming flower is native to Asia and Europe and has been cultivated for thousands of years for its magnificence and fragrance. In China, peonies are often known as 花王 ‘the king (or queen) of flowers’. This heavenly fragrant and unique petal formations flower represents royalty, femininity, and nurturing.

Peonies have short flowering season, blooming for just a few short weeks in spring and summer – making them rare. Peonies can grow quite large, which means a bouquet of these blooms is sure to make a spectacular centrepiece. The most popular peony colour for Mother’s Day celebrations is pink.

  • Pink peonies symbolise honour, prosperity, and good fortune.


Hydrangeas became popular in Victorian gardens in Europe and America during the Victorian Era. The soil pH level and presence of aluminium ions that are available for absorption by the plant plays a huge role in the colour of this beautiful flower. Certain colour could signify a particular emotion. They are most notable for their striking flower cluster. It is undeniable that Hydrangeas, in any colours, are beautiful in bouquets and as gifts. The lushness and multi-petaled bloom are a great choice for mother that give ample love and support. The most popular hydrangea colour for Mother’s Day celebrations is purple, blue, pink, and white.

  • Purple hydrangeas symbolise deep understanding, elegance, royalty, and abundance.
  • Blue hydrangeas symbolise deep gratitude, apology, and forgiveness.
  • Pink hydrangeas symbolise sincerity, heartfelt emotion, and love.
  • White hydrangeas symbolise purity and grace.

Gerbera Daisy

Gerberas are a breed of colourful daisy. They have satin-looking petals that surround a distinct centre. Characterised by large flowering heads, gerbera daisies come in a variety of vibrant rainbow of colours. These bright and cheerful flowers hold different connotations depending on the colours of their blooms.

Generally, gerberas are believed to symbolize beauty, innocence, and purity. Additionally, they are associated with cheerfulness and believed to help to reduce stress. Gerberas are one of the most popular flowers in the world. The most popular gerbera colours for Mother’s Day celebrations are pink, orange, yellow.

  • Pink gerberas symbolise admiration, and respect and compassion. While darker hues of pink gerberas symbolise gratitude.
  • Orange gerberas symbolise happiness, joy, warmth, and relationship.
  • Yellow gerberas symbolise happiness and relationship appreciation.
  • Purple gerberas symbolise grace, fascination, and charm.


Roses are timeless classic and universal symbols of love and appreciation. While red roses are wonderful for romantic occasions, lighter colour roses are a great choice for mothers. The delicate colours of roses represent the warmth and sweetness of your feelings towards your mother, wife, or mother-in-law. Go with an elegant combination of mix colour roses! The most popular rose colours for Mother’s Day celebrations are pink and peach.

  • Pink roses symbolise grace, gentleness, and harmony.
  • Peach roses symbolise gratitude and happiness.


Sunflowers are known for their bright yellow petals and big cheerful faces. That makes them perfect for spreading happiness and good cheer. Its sunny appearance is associated with joy, adoration, and good luck. Sunflowers follow the sun as they grow – a perfect interpretation of how you will always look to your mum for the light you need to grow.

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No matter what type of flower you choose, the gesture of giving flowers to a mother on Mother’s Day is a timeless tradition that instantly brightens up her day. Giving flower is simple and conveys your love and gratitude that is sure to make any mother feel appreciated. You can spoil your Mum with gifts and bouquets of flowers, and if there is one thing your mom will love most, it is the quality time spent with you.

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