How to Take Care of your Mother's Day Bloom Box?

How to Take Care of your Mother's Day Bloom Box?

Most mum probably tell you not to get her anything, but we all know almost every mum will love receiving a beautifully arranged bloom box of fresh flowers. Boxed flower arrangement is a bunch of fresh flowers put together creatively, and aesthetically display in well-designed boxes or baskets.

Fresh flowers are fleeting in tropical climate like ours, in Singapore. Our customers frequently ask how their beautiful bloom boxes arrangements can last longer here in sunny Singapore. Fresh cut flowers typically last 3 to 5 days, depending on the care taken and treatment done when preparing the bloom boxes. Different flowers have varying lifespan as well. The longer lifespan flowers that are popular for Mother’s Day are carnations, lilies, hydrangeas, and sunflowers. Lifespan of cut flowers can be extended by providing proper care and handling.

Here are some recommendations and simple methods to prolong your flowers’ fragrant scent and natural beauty at home, so your recipient can appreciate their gorgeous bloom a little longer.

  • Bloom box as vase: It is not required to remove the flowers from our beautifully designed bloom boxes, nor transfer them into a separate vase.
  • Light and temperature: Place the bloom box in a cool, dry, and well-lit area away from direct sunlight and heat. This prevents them from drying out.
  • Watering: Light water sprinkle on the blooms, not on box, for them to stay refreshed and hydrated. Add small amounts of water to the floral form when it feels dry to the touch. This will keep the flowers hydrated. Pro-tip: To always maintain the floral foam moist, but not waterlogged. You can check it by touch by slightly pressing the foam through with your fingers.

By following these recommended tips, you can extend the longevity of your Mother’s Day floral bloom box and enjoy mother’s nature beauty for a while more.

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