Collection: Chinese New Year

Delight in Golden Beginnings, Prosperous Journey Collection, a vibrant array of Chinese New Year flowers arrangements and gifts, perfect for celebrating the auspicious Year of the Dragon. This thoughtfully curated gift set combines the elegance of CNY flower gifts with sincere wishes, encouraging a prosperous journey ahead. Embrace renewal, share the beauty of blossoms, and symbolise joy and good fortune for your business partners and loved ones this festive season.

Chinese New Year prosperity flowers and gifts collection is available till 25 February 2024, or while stocks last.

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Create Unforgettable Chinese New Year Moments with The Bloom Box

At The Bloom Box, we bring the vibrant spirit of Chinese New Year to life with our specially curated flower arrangements. These aren't just flowers; they symbolize prosperity, joy, and new beginnings. Crafted to capture the essence of the festivities, our Chinese New Year collection is perfect for adding a touch of tradition and color to your celebrations.

Why Choose The Bloom Box for Chinese New Year?

  • Tailored for the Festive Season: Our Chinese New Year collection is thoughtfully designed to reflect the auspiciousness and vibrancy of the holiday.
  • A Symphony of Festive Blooms: Each arrangement features a stunning blend of traditional and contemporary flowers, embodying the joyous spirit of the season.
  • Personalized Wishes: We offer the option to include personal notes, making your gift a meaningful and memorable token of affection and good wishes, perfect for corporate business gifting or personal expressions of love and gratitude during the festive season.
  • Convenient Delivery Across Singapore: We ensure your Chinese New Year flowers are delivered with care and punctuality, enhancing your festive celebrations.